Sink or Swim

Titanic, currently the 2nd highest grossing movie in the world. As well as one of James Cameron’s finest achievements. Of course everyone already knows the true story of the unsinkable ship that actually sank. But did you know about the two star-crossed lovers who met and fell in love on this doomed vessel. Well I was first introduced to this movie when I saw it in my parents VHS collection. If you recall that 3 hour movies used to come with two tapes instead of one. It wasn’t until about 7 years later that I decided to watch. Like everyone else, I was blown away by the enormous visuals, captivating romance, and true sense of danger. Any problem is very minor and usually pointed out by everyone (“I’ll never let go Jack” anyone). As far as its tremendous box office gross is concerned, I can definitely see myself watching at least two more times in my life (and of course I did cry). So let your heart go on and check it out if you haven’t already.

Jack (left) teaches Rose (right) how to fly


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