Ziggy and the Maze

Labyrinth is an interesting film to say the least. Honestly, if it wasn’t for David Bowie I probably wouldn’t have seen the movie. I actually saw the movie one year before David Bowie passed away. I’m glad I managed to watch it before, otherwise it would have been all I was thinking about. As far as the movie goes, I think it’s just passable. Certainly not my favorite fantasy movie. One of the best things about the movie would be Jim Henson’s masterful puppetry, or should I say Muppetry. Anyway, of course David Bowie’s musical talent being another great part of the movie. A notable standout being “Magic Dance”. As well as the breakout performance by Jennifer Connelly. The main problem I have with the movie is the humor. I didn’t really find the dialogue funny or clever. It was just weird. Still the campy cult value of the movie is probably the best reason I can think of to see the movie. But most importantly, do it for David Bowie.

The Goblin King (right) makes Sarah (left) an offer she can’t refuse


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