Ex_Machina is a true modern sci-fi masterpiece. I knew I had to check it out since robots are one of my favorite aspects of science fiction. Surprisingly it was the first movie I saw from independent giants A24. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Ex_Machina, it’s about a programmer who wins a chance to study a robot invented by the CEO of the company he works for. However, the robot named Ava appears to be more human than he anticipated. Ex_Machina is a far more intimate sci-fi movie than what I’m used to. There are really only four characters in the entire movie. Domhnall Gleeson who plays the contest winner Caleb and Oscar Isaac who plays the CEO Nathan. Both of them ironically ended up playing enemies in The Force Awakens. There’s also a lovely personal assistant that Nathan keeps around the house. And of course Alicia Vikander as robot Ava. She delivers a multilayered android whose motives will leave you questioning until the end. The ending (I won’t give away) is truly thought-provoking. The best thing about Ex_Machina is the atmosphere. The dim lighting and claustrophobic setting is very unnerving. The effects used for the robot are positively flawless. I was so happy to see it win Best Visual Effects. Not to mention the unique design that Ava has. She has a translucent body with a rubber chest and hips and skin that’s meant to lay over the body. Ex_Machina is a one of a kind experience that first time director Alex Garland more than achieved.


Ava gives a seductive stare

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