Western Wackiness

It’s a bad movie, but I like it. Like many movies I saw as a kid, Wild Wild West is one of my favorite childhood movies. I guess you can say, I can’t hate the movie. However, I do understand why so many people hate it. The humor is awkward, the actors look like they don’t want to be there, and the whole western steampunk thing is bizarre to say the least. I was so into it that I even dressed like Jim West for my first Halloween. Along with Woody, Cowboys were “the thing” growing up. I also sang along to, and danced to, the movies theme song. Good thing “You Tube” wasn’t around back then. When you’re a child anything you see feels like the greatest movie ever made. Even when I watch the movie now, I still like it. Would I recommend it, no. Watch at your own risk.

Jim West (left) and Artemis Gordon (right) draw guns


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