Going Commando

If you like action and Arnie, then Commando is the flick for you. Growing up Arnold Schwarzenegger was my favorite actor to watch. Even if his movies were R rated, I still watched them as a kid. Commando was the film that proved that Arnold could play a modern day guy. Albeit still a non-stop killing machine. Commando is about an ex soldier named John Matrix who has his daughter kidnaped by terrorists. He plays along at first, then he escapes, and kills everyone in his way. The over the top action and violence would have to be the best thing about the movie. Leading to a crazy shoot em up by the end. As well as Arnie’s signature one-liners. “I lied” and “I eat green berets for breakfast” being my personal favorites. So give it a watch, that’s an order soldier.


John Matrix pulls out the big gun


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