Everything is Awesome

The LEGO Movie is about as perfect as a movie can be. Growing up, LEGO was always my favorite toy to play with. I still love it even to this day. When I first heard they were making a LEGO movie I was like, YES!!! I couldn’t wait to see it. Although I did have a thought that it might not be good. That thought was quickly proven wrong after I watched it. The LEGO Movie is the story of an average minifigure named Emmet, who’s thrust into the colorful and imaginative world of LEGO. His entire life is lived by the instructions. Until he accidentally becomes “the chosen one.” On his adventure, Emmet meets a punk themed Master Builder named Wyldstyle. A blind Morgan Freeman wizard named Vitruvius. As well as a unicorn cat named Unikitty, a classic astronaut named Benny, a robotic pirate named MetalBeard, and Batman. Together they all try to defeat the evil Lord Business and his henchmen Bad Cop. The best thing about the movie is how they stick to their brand’s core values without resorting to commercialization. LEGO is all about creativity not preservation. Another positive is the voice cast. Casting Chris Pratt as the lead LEGO made him an even bigger A lister than he already was. The LEGO Movie is also beautifully rendered and really does trick you into thinking it’s stop-motion. And let’s not forget that extremely catchy Oscar nominated song you probably can’t get out of your head. You couldn’t ask for a better movie about LEGO’s. The LEGO Movie proves everything is awesome!


Emmet (center) prepares a plan for his team

Followed by: The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

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