As if!

Clueless is a unique high school movie. Much like other media in the 90’s, Clueless focuses on the lives of rich kids from Beverly Hills. Little do most people know, Clueless is loosely based on the 1815 novel Emma by Jane Austen. They simply set the story in modern day high school and change the names. Cher Horowitz and her best friend Dionne (played by a 28 year old Stacey Dash) are both named after singers who now do infomercials. The thing I liked most about Clueless is how it handles “the populars.” In any other movie Cher might come across as selfish or manipulative, but Alicia Silverstone makes her really likeable. Cher uses her popularity to help people like her teachers or the new kid Tai. Played by the late Brittany Murphy in one of her most memorable roles. There’s also Dionne’s hip hop influenced boyfriend, Cher’s not step-brother who helps her dad, and slacker Travis who’s a little like Spicoli from Amy Heckerling’s other teen movie. Like most high school movies it tends to veer off into multiple stories at once. Like Cher’s love life, driving lessons, or party going. With plenty of classic slang sprinkled in like “whatever,” “buggin’,” or my personal favorite “as if!” If not for its keen fashion sense, sophisticated dialogue, and Alicia Silverstone’s devoted performance Clueless wouldn’t work. So don’t be clueless, give it a watch.


Cher (right) and Dionne (left) walk to class

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