People are Strange when you’re a Vampire

The Lost Boys is one of my personal favorites in the horror genre. It’s about a family who move to Santa Carla, California only to discover that things are a little strange there. Vampires inhabit this town. Teen vampires to be exact (and I ain’t talkin’ Twilight). The title, The Lost Boys is of course a refrence to Peter Pan (that’s what I thought the movie was about originally). Like the lost boys in Peter Pan, these young vampires also never grow up. It would best be described as a starter horror movie. My mom recommended it to me when I was kind of young. She said me and my brother would like the fact that kids are the ones who fight the vampires. The violence isn’t too disturbing, nor is it silly. It’s just the right balance of both. They manage to find the humor in contrast to some of their bloodier scenes. It’s also a good movie for vampire enthusiast. As the group of kids who attempt to take down said vampires, use what they know from comic books. I know just about everything there is to know about vampires and their weaknesses. So I’d like to think I could take one down if I had to. Even if you’re not much of a horror fan, it’s likely you’d enjoy The Lost Boys.

David bares his fangs


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