Love & Spies

True Lies is one of the best action movies to be released in the 90’s. It also might surprise people to know that it’s a James Cameron film. Which by comparison to his other work, makes it almost underrated. Even though people are well aware of how great the movie is. As I’ve said before, Arnold Schwarzenegger was my favorite actor to watch growing up. So there’s the perfect amount of cheesy one liners and non-stop action. One liners like “you’re fired” and “yeah but they were all bad.” True Lies is about a spy named Harry Tasker who balances tracking down terrorists with maintaining his failing home life. The terrorists are treated like bumbling imbeciles and the humor is welcomed. The first act deals with Harry trying to nab the leader of the terrorist group the “Crimson Jihad.” One of the film’s best action scenes involves Harry chasing the motorcycle bound terrorist on horseback. Though a common complaint about True Lies would be the second act. Which is about Harry thinking his wife Helen is having an affair with another spy (of course played by Bill Paxton). When it all turns out to be a misunderstanding, he has Helen secretly perform an erotic striptease for him. The scene is incredibly sexy and Jamie Lee Curtis really pulls it off. I’d even call it the hottest non-nude scene in movie history. The third act hits closest to home. As the terrorists kidnap Harry and Helen’s daughter (played by a young Eliza Dushku). Leading to an exhilarating airplane sequence. While I wasn’t paying complete attention during my first viewing, True Lies is a very rewatchable James Cameron action comedy that I love 100% of.


Harry commandeers an airplane

2 thoughts on “Love & Spies

  1. Reading your review brought back some happy memories of watching True Lies at the cinema on its release back in 1994. One of my friends was a big Arnie fan and used to drag me along to watch films like this one, The Last Action Hero and Terminator 2.
    I canโ€™t remember the last time I watched this film but I always found Schwarzenegger entertaining and quite amusing, and itโ€™s good to see guys like Arnie and Sly Stallone are still around and kicking!

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