I Got You, Babe

It’s Groundhog Day! A truly innovative movie about the concept of a “time loop.” I don’t know for sure if Groundhog Day was the very first “time loop” movie ever made, but it is an innovator. Many movies after it have tried to use its formula, to the point where its practically become its own genre. Bill Murray plays a jerky reporter named Phil Connors who gets stuck reliving the same day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania over and over again. First loop, he’s confused, second loop, he’s concerned, and then he realizes that he can do whatever he wants. Like punch the annoying Ned Ryerson, steal money, sleep with ladies from town, and eat whatever he wants. Eventually leading to him trying to woo Rita, the woman of his dreams. Then trying to kill himself in a variety of darkly comedic ways. Groundhog Day really makes you think about what you’d do if you could do whatever you want with no consequences. The strength of the movie is in how it handles this concept without being too dark. Most of the humor comes from the constantly repeating moments. Especially when Phil messes up on one day and has to redo it. Bill Murray is perfect in the role. Since he usually plays characters like this, who seem like jerks, but turn out to be nice guys. Groundhog Day is the original “time loop” movie that everyone should watch. See it again and again and again and again.


Phil (human) drives Phil around (groundhog)

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