Pigskin Principles

Remember the Titans is probably my favorite football movie or sports movie in general. Now I’ve never really been much of a sports fan. I root for my home team of course, but I don’t usually get into the game (I only watch the “Superbowl” for the commercials). So why would I watch Remember the Titans. Well long story short, I was forced to. It’s one of those movies that my teacher showed me in class. Then another teacher showed it, then another, and another. So yeah, I probably would never have seen it if not for those teachers, but I’m so glad I did watch the movie. Not only is it a great football, it’s also a great race movie. I’d consider it to be my favorite race movie as well. It’s handled in a way that keeps things “Disney,” but doesn’t hold back. Denzel Washington gives a stellar performance as the coach too. Long story short, I’ve seen the movie at least 7 times. I would highly recommend it.


Coach Boone (left) conducts football practice

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