Well, Nobody’s Perfect

Some Like it Hot is hot hot hot. But seriously, this is a really good movie. I’ve seen many drag related movies and Some like it Hot is among my top favorites. For those who don’t know, Some Like it Hot is the story of two male musicians who witness a crime (the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” to be exact) and go into hiding by disguising themselves as women. They join an all-female jazz band in an attempt to avoid detection. Until one of the guys decides to pose as a millionaire in order to woo their lovely lead singer Sugar. This was the first Marilyn Monroe movie I’ve seen so I definitely love it for that. Meanwhile the other guy uncomfortably wins the affections of a real millionaire. Uncomfortable because he doesn’t realize she is actually a he. Some people might find the humor dated, but it’s just as funny now as it was back then. It lead to one of the most famous movie ending lines of all time, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” The scene is so good that it even works without context. Fun fact, the movie was actually intended to be in color. The reason they made it in black and white is because the male actors looked too ugly as women. Some Like it Hot is a must watch. Especially if you want to get to know the original “Blonde Bombshell.”

Joe (left) and Jerry (right) perform with Sugar (center)

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