Chihiro in Wonderland

Spirited Away is the perfect starter anime. Actually, any Hayao Miyazaki movie is good anime exposure. Spirited Away is actually the first and so far only anime movie to win Best Animated Film at the “Academy Awards”. So you know it’s good. On a personal note, this was the first anime movie I watched (aside from Pokémon). I’m not really much of an anime fan, but I have seen just about every Hayao Miyazaki movie. It’s sort of like a Japanese Alice in Wonderland. Fair warning: this movie is weird, bizarre, odd, a little disgusting, and creepy. It’s also fun, creative, inspiring, and stunning. So if you’re not much into anime, give this one a chance. You might like it.

No-Face (right) offers Chihiro (left) some money


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