Give Me Your Face

Face/Off faces notorious overactor Nicolas Cage off with equally notorious overactor John Travolta. With what is easily the most action packed, if highly convoluted body swap movie ever made. Where most body swap movies utilize magic or unexplained forces to explain the swap, Face/Off uses scientific methods. If you call ripping off someone’s face and attaching it to another body science. Face/Off deals with rivals Sean Archer and Castor Troy. Archer is an FBI agent whose son was killed by psychotic terrorist Troy. Travolta is fully reserved but a bit desperate to bring him to justice. Even at the expense of his wife and daughter. Who have a truly bizarre family habit of putting their hands on each other’s faces. Cage on the other hand is having the time of his life dancing, bulging his eyes, and talking about his strange peach obsession. They switch places because Troy’s brother knows about a bomb. Then Troy steal’s Archer’s face because he has literally no security. Archer/Troy is sent to an impractical magnet boot prison and Troy/Archer takes advantage of his job and family. Although peak 90’s era Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been fun to see, Cage and Travolta are the next best thing. Seeing them overact like one another is pure comedic gold. Travolta goes full Cage with cheesy lines like “It’s like looking in a mirror only not” and Cage acts like Travolta learning to act like himself. Over-the-top action director and dove purist John Woo is well suited for a scenario like this. As a gun-toting Freaky Friday, Face/Off is a peach you could eat for hours.


Sean Archer (left) and Castor Troy (right) face off

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