Lets Call the Whole Thing Off

When Harry Met Sally… is perhaps my favorite romantic comedy. I don’t know why, I guess I just really connect with the story. The movie brings up many interesting questions about male/ female relations. Growing up I always had many female friends. Sometimes I was even the only guy in a group of girls. And like the movie says, I’ve always considered them in a romantic way at some point. Billy Crystal’s character states that “men and women can’t be friends”. Whether or not you support this claim is up to you. Now as for the movie, most people only remember that particular scene in the diner (I’ll have what she’s having). But there’s so much more to it than that one scene. It’s probably Meg Ryan’s most well known performance. It’s funny, but also quite sweet. You’ll enjoy the characters whether they’re enemies, friends, or lovers. It’s one of my top choices for the romance genre.


Harry (right) uncomfortably listens to Sally (left) faking an orgasam


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