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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Of course I had to review the 2010 movie Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. In short, this movie is mushy, cheesy, and kinda pointless. Valentine’s Day is the first in a sort of trilogy of movies directed by the late great Garry Marshall. With each movie being a romantic anthology set on a specific Holiday. As well as a whole bunch of paycheck hungry celebrities. Compared to the other movies I’d say Valentine’s Day is the best. However that’s not saying much. I don’t really want to go into every short story in the movie, mostly because all of them blur together and leave barely any impression. I will say that it has just about every romantic scenario in the book. Including: close friends who become a couple, a proposal, the cheating spouse, young love, serious young love, a child with a crush, the causal couple, an old married couple, a coming out story, and mutual attraction. So if you’re looking for a sappy romance then this is the movie for you. Otherwise just take your significant other out for dinner.

Valentines Day

Willy (right) gives Felicia (left) a bear for Valentine’s Day

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