Color Blind

Why does nobody talk about Pleasantville? The movie is so relevant to modern social issues that it’s hard to believe it’s so underrated. Pleasantville of course is another movie I grew up with. Tobey Maguire was everywhere in the late 90’s early 2000’s. In case you’re unfamiliar, Pleasantville is about a 90’s teen and his sister getting stuck inside a 50’s sitcom. A show called Pleasantville, which satirizes the “perfect town and family” premise of that era. Things take an unexpected turn when the duo introduces change into their perfect little world. Arguably the best thing about the movie is its special effects. Characters and objects will turn to color and everything else will stay black & white. It’s really quite beautiful. Another strength is the movies humor. Especially if you get 50’s sitcoms. Definitely check out Pleasantville, it really deserves way more attention.

The trial of colored people vs. non-colored people begins


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