Gangsta Rap Attack

I figure I’d finish out black history month with Straight Outta Compton. Where do I start with this one. Well first off, I don’t normally see movies like this. Mostly because I don’t listen to gangsta rap. I only listen to rap when it’s a song I like. So why did I watch Straight Outta Compton. Well I saw it mostly because everyone was talking about it. It’s a good movie for what it is. Very well put together and relevant for the times. The movie delves into the beginnings of N.W.A. and how it made an impact on society at the time. We see the rapper’s struggle and eventually success in their genre. As well as how each member is effected and how they ended up. The most well known members today being Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. If you are interested take caution. There is a lot of profanity and debauchery going on. If you can get past all that, I feel it’s an important movie to watch.

N.W.A. make themselves known

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