Facebook: The Movie👍

When I first heard they were going to make a movie about the invention of Facebook I was sceptical. Facebook had only been around for about 6 years and social networks weren’t taken too seriously during that time. I actually didn’t join Facebook until 2011 (a year after the movie came out). Although I stand by what I say when I say that any movie can be good as long as the right people are working on it. The Social Network is a testament to that theory. The movie strongly benefits from acclaimed director David Fincher, amazingly well written dialogue, and a hauntingly beautiful score. Heck even the trailer alone is worthy of recognition. The movie itself can be looked at as a guideline on how to establish a business. Just leave out all the betrayal and backhanded tactics. When you know the whole story you’ll think, “I wish I’d thought of that first”. It’s a modern masterpiece that definitely deserves a like and share.


Mark and friends lay down the foundation for Facebook

Hey Stella!!!

A Streetcar Named Desire was way ahead of it’s time. Which is saying something for a story written in the 40’s. It’s very scandalous even by today’s standards. Many parts of the play in which it’s based on, had to be edited in order stay within the guidelines of the time. So in case you’re unfamiliar, the movie is about a woman who comes to live with her sister and brother-in-law. The problem is her brother-in-law (played flawlessly by Marlon Brando) is a brute. He wore a t-shirt which is not something most men did during the time. It’s mostly remembered for the line “Hey Stella!!!”. Which once you’ve seen it in context, is all the more rewarding. So watch it and you’ll see that it could have been written today. It’s just that timeless.


“Hey Stella!”

Love the One You’re With

I haven’t seen many Woody Allen movies, but Annie Hall was the best introduction. Many people can’t figure out if Woody Allen is an actor who directs or a director who acts. Either way is not easy. And Woody Allen’s signature brand of nervous quirkiness is not for everyone. Still Annie Hall is a must watch. It’s about the ups and downs of a romantic couple. Which chooses to go for the nonlinear route of storytelling (meaning not in the right order). In the end the moral is, two people might not always be good for each other. It doesn’t make you give up on love or anything. Just don’t settle for someone because they feel convenient in your life. It’s funny of course, but also honest. Which is refreshing in a romantic movie. Probably why it won Best Picture.

Annie Hall

Annie Hall shares a drink with Alvy Singer

Scottish Scuffle

Braveheart is all about freedom and bravery. It’s one of Mel Gibson’s finest achievements and a fitting Best Picture winner. Normally I don’t watch scottish movies, mostly because the accent. Still I was able to look past it and fully embrace the movie. The story is based very loosely on the real life historical figure William Wallace. The action and violence is bloody and realistic. It gets right down to what it means to lead an army and inspire a revolution. The movie especially means something to me, because it came out the year I was born and as I said earlier, was the Best Picture winner. So don’t let the 3 hour running time scare you, it’s worth watching.


William Wallace fights for freedom

Reality Sucks

On the surface Bridge to Terabithia seems like a harmless kid’s fantasy. However it’s not, it’s actually a stark reminder about how harsh life can be. If you’ve seen the movie then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then I’m not going to give it away. Let’s just say the movie starts out light and colorful, but gets dark and depressing near the end. I was first introduced to the story when I read it in my 6th Grade Reading class. Needless to say I was not expecting the sad twist that the movie also has. I feel it’s important to have an imagination. This is probably the most honest depiction you could get of that topic. Watch if you’re curious, just expect tears.


Leslie (left) and Charlie (right) open a bag of magic

I’m an Excellent Driver

Rain Man is not an easy movie to pull off. It’s the story of a man who after the death of his estranged father, discovers he has a long lost brother. The brother in question turns out to be what they used to call an “idiot savant”. Which is about the equivalent of someone with asperger’s syndrome. Playing a character with mental disability is a really difficult thing to pull off. Without making it seem like you’re making fun of them, but Dustin Hoffman pulls it off flawlessly. His performance can elicit laughs without being degrading and feel genuine at the same time. Tom Cruise also does a good job playing a man having to deal with someone with mental disability. It’s a one of a kind movie that only this team can accomplish. A definite recommendation.

Rain Man

Raymond (left) and Charlie (right) make their appearance


Cast Away is captivating. Holding down an entire movie is no easy feat. Tom Hanks is the perfect actor to hire for the job. After watching Cast Away I can’t help but wonder if I could survive in a situation like this. It’s said that as a human, if your life is threatened in anyway, your survival instincts will kick in. So be grateful for the comfortable life that you have. Now as I’ve said previously, Cast Away is about a man who works for FedEx getting stranded on a deserted island. A large bulk of the movie takes place on the island and focuses solely on survival. Many people will remember it for Wilson the volleyball with a face. Who is perhaps the greatest inanimate object in film history. Cast Away keeps you invested beginning to end. Which is saying a lot for a movie that’s basically just a man yelling at a volleyball for 2 hours. See for yourself.

Cast Away

Chuck screams at Wilson (volleyball)

Journey to the Past

Just to clarify, Anastasia is actually a Fox Animation movie. The problem is everybody thinks it’s a Disney movie. It’s an animated musical, about a princess (well Grand Duchess actually), with a maniacal villain who has a henchmen, and even a prince (kind of). So I can understand why some people mistake this for a Disney movie. Heck it was even nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars. Unlike everyone else however, I know a Disney movie when I see it. The pacing, characterization, and songs are just easy to identify for me. I sort of first saw Anastasia when I was in elementary school. For some reason my schools never showed us Disney animated movies. I must have seen 10 animated movies when I was in school. None of them Disney (what’s up with that?). Now that I’ve got that out of the way, how’s the story? Anastasia is about the real life disappearance of the young Grand Duchess of the same name. It’s a fine film, the characters are alright, the songs are pretty good, and it has a lasting quality. It’s just not the kind of movie I would pop in whenever and say: Hey let’s watch Anastasia! To each his own I guess.


Anastasia looks on in wonder

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is one of Tim Burton’s all time best movies. Every kind of Tim Burton style Gothic creativity is on display. Interestingly enough, I didn’t watch Beetlejuice in the traditional way. When I was younger I didn’t care if I missed the first 10 or 15 minutes of a movie. So I actually didn’t see the first 20 minutes of Beetlejuice for the longest time when I was younger. Which is at about the time Beetlejuice shows up in the movie. Anyway about the story, it’s about a married couple who die and become ghosts and try to remove the new residence of the their house using a bio exorcist named Beetlejuice. The movie benefits strongly from Michael Keaton’s performance as the titular character. Which is equal parts funny, creepy, and quotable. Of course being a Tim Burton movie, he makes great use of makeup and claymation. Which is never too creepy for younger audiences. There are just too many good things I could say about Beetlejuice. Just don’t say it three times.


“It’s showtime”

She Works Hard for the Money

The Birdcage is unexpectedly good. Being a straight man, I don’t actively seek out LGBT movies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. However my mom told me it was hilarious so I watched it. I’m glad I did, because it’s my favorite movie on the subject. The interesting thing about the movie is the characters. Robin Williams isn’t playing the over the top comedic role. He actually plays the straight man (no pun intended). It’s actually Nathan Lane and The Simpsons great Hank Azaria who steal the show. The humor and the craziness of the situations are what makes The Birdcage such an enjoyable film and a recommendation.


Albert (left) and Armond (right) sit together on a bench