Child Endangerment

Adventures in Babysitting is a personal favorite of mine. Mostly because my mom is in it. Back when she did acting and extra work. Side note: My mom was actually the one who got me interested in movies. Part of the reason I want to be an actor, but enough about that. How does the movie hold up? Well obviously I love the movie because my mom is in it. Even still, I do love the movie on its own. It takes a wacky premise and does whatever it can do to make it interesting. In case you’re unaware, Adventures in Babysitting is about a babysitter who winds up taking her kids into Chicago. While there they get into all sorts of trouble. There’s a lot of funny moments and a real sense of fun. Although it is technically a kids movie, it came out in the 80’s so expect a lot more than what would slide today. Also if you want to find my mom, she’s wearing a sparkly blue dress in the “Babysitting Blues” sequence. So please check it out.

Adventures in Babysitting

Chris Parker (center) attempts to protect the kids she’s babysitting

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