Live Die Repeat

Edge of Tomorrow was not a movie I planned to see in theaters. I was never really a Tom Cruise fan beforehand, but I saw Oblivion the previous year. So I figured I’d see this as well. When I first saw the trailer I thought science fiction Groundhog Day. I was curious to see how it would turn out and I wasn’t disappointed. Edge of Tomorrow benefits from a very strong script and lots of great action. Most of all, it’s really funny. I guess how could a “time loop” movie not be funny. What sets it apart from other “time loop” movies is the cause of the loops. Tom Cruise’s character has to die in order for the loops to happen. Which leads to plenty of humorous moments. The aliens are pretty cool looking and the movie can be dramatic when it wants to be. It’s a very well rounded action film. One of the best of the current decade.


Bill Cage (right) and Rita Vrataski (left) fight Mimics on the beach

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