You Talkin to Me?

Taxi Driver, like many films, is considered one of the greatest movies of all time. It’s not hard to see why. Taxi Driver is all about vigilante justice. In a city overrun with corruption and degradation, one taxi driver will stand up to it all. It’s likely that you’re ย at least familiar with the famous quote from the movie, “You talkin to me?” As it has been parodied many times before. There’s a lot that Taxi Driver does to make it live up to all its praise. It’s a Martin Scorsese, which means expect a lot of bloody violence and flawed characters. The main character Travis Bickle does what most people wish they could do. Making him both a likable and unlikable character at the same time. It also has a multilayered performance by a young Jodie Foster. So add Taxi Driver to your list of movies to see before you die.

Travis takes aim


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