Luck of the Irish🍀

Leprechaun is perhaps the silliest horror movie ever made. It’s not scary by any stretch of the imagination. More disgusting at times. Well first I’d like to say that I know I said I wouldn’t do franchise movies. And I know Leprechaun has 5 sequels and a remake (most of which are direct-to-video anyway). Still it’s St. Patrick’s Day and this is pretty much the only movie I can review. Some day I’ll see the crappy sequels, but until then here’s the first movie. Leprechaun is the thinly told story about an evil monster leprechaun trying to take back his pot of gold. Interestingly enough this movie features a before she was famous performance by Jennifer Aniston. Which is one of the only things this movie is remembered for. There’s also a couple of other characters that are just too bizarre to fit in this movie. The leprechaun itself has gone on to become a horror icon. Though not quite to the point of Chucky or any of the other slashers. It’s just a really silly movie that if it was being taken seriously, would probably offend the irish.

The Leprechaun takes his gold

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