⚠ You Will Cry

The Fault in our Stars is super depressing. But what do you expect it’s about cancer. Just about everyone can relate, because just about everyone has experienced cancer or witnessed it happen at some point in their life. I actually discovered the book through alternative means. I didn’t read the book. I actually saw a Dramatic interpretation of the book (long story). After that I had a bit of an interest in seeing the movie in theaters. I even planned to bring a box of tissues, but I think there was too many other movies I wanted to see. So I waited for DVD instead. I won’t give anything away. I’ll just say that someone does die at the end and it’s soul crushingly depressing. Though the first two acts do manage to inject a bit of humor and optimism before it totally rips your heart out. It’s a modern day romance that hits close to home. See it with a Kleenex in hand.

Hazel (left) and Augustus (right) have fun in Amsterdam

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