Cast Away is captivating. Holding down an entire movie is no easy feat. Tom Hanks is the perfect actor to hire for the job. After watching Cast Away I can’t help but wonder if I could survive in a situation like this. It’s said that as a human, if your life is threatened in anyway, your survival instincts will kick in. So be grateful for the comfortable life that you have. Now as I’ve said previously, Cast Away is about a man who works for FedEx getting stranded on a deserted island. A large bulk of the movie takes place on the island and focuses solely on survival. Many people will remember it for Wilson the volleyball with a face. Who is perhaps the greatest inanimate object in film history. Cast Away keeps you invested beginning to end. Which is saying a lot for a movie that’s basically just a man yelling at a volleyball for 2 hours. See for yourself.

Cast Away

Chuck screams at Wilson (volleyball)

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