Hey Stella!!!

A Streetcar Named Desire was way ahead of it’s time. Which is saying something for a story written in the 40’s. It’s very scandalous even by today’s standards. Many parts of the play in which it’s based on, had to be edited in order stay within the guidelines of the time. So in case you’re unfamiliar, the movie is about a woman who comes to live with her sister and brother-in-law. The problem is her brother-in-law (played flawlessly by Marlon Brando) is a brute. He wore a t-shirt which is not something most men did during the time. It’s mostly remembered for the line “Hey Stella!!!”. Which once you’ve seen it in context, is all the more rewarding. So watch it and you’ll see that it could have been written today. It’s just that timeless.


“Hey Stella!”

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