Facebook: The Movie👍

When I first heard they were going to make a movie about the invention of Facebook I was sceptical. Facebook had only been around for about 6 years and social networks weren’t taken too seriously during that time. I actually didn’t join Facebook until 2011 (a year after the movie came out). Although I stand by what I say when I say that any movie can be good as long as the right people are working on it. The Social Network is a testament to that theory. The movie strongly benefits from acclaimed director David Fincher, amazingly well written dialogue, and a hauntingly beautiful score. Heck even the trailer alone is worthy of recognition. The movie itself can be looked at as a guideline on how to establish a business. Just leave out all the betrayal and backhanded tactics. When you know the whole story you’ll think, “I wish I’d thought of that first”. It’s a modern masterpiece that definitely deserves a like and share.


Mark and friends lay down the foundation for Facebook

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