The Beauty of Film

Roundhay Garden Scene is a flat out masterpiece. I’m not going to give it away, but the ending is perhaps the greatest in film history. The cinematography is brilliant, the costumes are authentic, and the setting is perfect. So what’s the story, well it’s about four unique individuals who have come together to walk in various directions. I guarantee it will move you to tears. Honestly this movie changed my life. I’ll never look at life the same way again… April Fools! Roundhay Garden Scene is actually the first movie ever made. Or at least the oldest surviving moving picture. It’s only 2 seconds long and was made by a man named Louis Le Prince. A man considered to be the “Father of Cinematography.” So we all have him to thank for his contributions to film history. Honestly, I will always find it baffling how old film is. Where would we be without it. I’d tell you to check out Roundhay Garden Scene, but there’s no need. Here it is.

Roundhay Garden Scene

Roundhay Garden Scene (1888)

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