Strength and Weakness

Unbreakable gives us another take on the superhero origin story. Director M. Night Shyamalan chose to go with a slower more intimate take. This was the director’s first movie after the critically acclaimed movie The Sixth Sense. Which means it’s one of the good ones. Unbreakable is about an ordinary security guard named David Dunn played by Shyamalan’s previous collaborator Bruce Willis. After the horrible train crash of Eastrail 177, David discovers he has super strength, invincibility, and extrasensory perception. The latter ability being a vision that he uses to see a person’s crimes. David reluctantly becomes an unnamed vigilante wearing a raincoat. While Unbreakable has many of Shyamalan’s usual clichés, they still feel just a fresh as when he started. Unbreakable truly benefits from Samuel L. Jackson’s performance as Elijah Price. A man on the opposite end of the spectrum. Who unlike David Dunn, has easily breakable bones and a superior intellect. He’s also a big admirer of comic book superheroes. Jackson plays the role both quiet and nuanced. A departure from his usual loud profane persona. SPOILER ALERT! The twist reveals that despite their friendship, Price is the supervillain to Dunn’s superhero. Giving himself the name that all the kids used to give him. “They call me Mr. Glass.” Unbreakable is one of the most unique superhero movies ever made.


David Dunn disguises himself

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