The Shining is often regarded as one of the “greatest horror movies ever made”. Much like Citizen Kane, The Shining had to earn that claim over time. Late Director Stanley Kubrick is considered to be one of the “greatest directors of all time”. Which makes it even harder to believe that it was nominated for two “Razzie Awards”. One for worst director and one for worst actress (Shelley Duvall). What were they thinking? Now as I’m sure you’re aware, The Shining is one of many movies adapted from horror legend Stephen King (who also didn’t like the movie). I’ve seen a few Stephen King movies, and this one is a true stand out. It’s about a writer who agrees to look over an enormous hotel along with his family. Things take a dark turn when the father, Jack Torrance, takes a slow decent into madness. The Shining is a very creepy and disturbing movie. Most people will recognise famous scenes such as “come play with us”, “here’s Johnny”, and “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. All of which have gone down in horror history. Like many movies or tv shows, I was introduced to the story through The Simpsons. After seeing the actual movie, I would say it was a pay off. It’s a high recommendation to all horror fans.

“Here’s Johnny”


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