I am McLovin

Superbad is not super bad. Unlike some of the other Seth Rogen movies I’ve seen, Superbad wasn’t as offensive to me. As I might have mentioned before, raunchy humor isn’t entirely unappealing to me. Not to say that Superbad doesn’t get really distasteful at times. I mean what’s the premise exactly? A group of High School Seniors try to buy beer and loose their virginity. Of course it’s raunchy and profane (Seth Rogen, what do you expect). For me the funniest stuff comes from the situations. I will say that Seth Rogen does know how to write for High School students. The best jokes come from one character in particular. I do mean McLovin. That scene is pure comedy gold. So do I recommend Superbad? You have to be just a little immature to enjoy it, that’s all I’ll say.


A store owner inspects Fogell’s fake ID


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