Behold His Mighty Hand!

The Ten Commandments is one of the greatest biblical movies ever put to film. It’s an epic that stands the test of time. It may be 3 hours and 40 minutes long, but as long as you’re familiar with the story of Moses it shouldn’t matter. I’ve seen the movie several times actually. Well, I’ve seen the ending numerous times at least. I didn’t see The Ten Commandments beginning to end until some time later. The Ten Commandments follows events depicted in the Book of Exodus. Moses was placed in a basket and sent down the Nile. Where he is raised as one of the Egyptians, but he changes his ways when Joshua tells him all about God. An encounter with the burning bush inspires Moses to let his people go. The only man standing in his way is Pharaoh Ramses. Which brings about the ten plagues of Egypt. The effects are astounding, especially for a 50’s movie. The parting of the Red Sea is simply a wonder to behold. Charlton Heston gives a mighty performance as Moses. Every part of The Bible is well represented. Especially when Moses received the sacred Ten Commandments (I actually know them all by heart). I wish more movies nowadays would take note of how to make a really good Bible picture. It’s not enough to have great effects. You need great actors, christian filmmakers, and a holy message. The Ten Commandments does all of these things and succeeds because of it. Making The Ten Commandments a classic that will last throughout the ages. So it was written, So it shall be done.


Moses prepares to part the Red Sea

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