Behold His Mighty Hand!

The Ten Commandments is one of the greatest biblical movies ever put to film. It’s an epic that still holds up today. It may be 4 hours, but as long as you’re familiar with the story of Moses it shouldn’t matter. I’ve saw the movie several times actually. Well I’ve seen the ending numerous times. I didn’t see The Ten Commandments beginning to end until some time later. The effects are astounding especially for a 50’s movie. Charlton Heston gives a terrific performance as Moses. Every part of The Bible is well represented. I wish more movies nowadays would take note of to make a really good Bible picture. It’s not enough to have great effects. You need great actors, christian filmmakers, and a holy message. The Ten Commandments does all of these things and succeeds because of it. I can not recommend this movie enough. So it was written, So it shall be done.

Moses prepares to part the Red Sea


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