Hop to It🐰

Tomorrow is Easter. So I’m going to review the only kiddie Easter movie in existence (probably not, but still). Hop is the kind of movie that looks like two completely separate movies came together with messy results. One about a young Easter Bunny who would rather be a drummer. The other about a man-child who is having trouble finding a job. The problem is the animation. Don’t get me wrong the animation is good, but only when it shows just the animation. Hop is from Illumination Entertainment. The same company that brought you Despicable Me. Which is why it’s strange that the movie wasn’t fully animated. Another problem is the subject matter. Being a christian, I know the true meaning of Easter. A movie about the child friendly version of Easter just doesn’t work like Christmas does. Which is what this movie is trying to be. It’s not completely bad. I did smile from time to time. It’s just not my kind of Easter movie.

Film Title: Hop

E.B. drums

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