He is Risen

Happy Easter, He is Risen. Of course I’m going to review a christian Easter movie on Easter. Risen seemed like a good choice because I’m not quite ready to watch The Passion of the Christ. Speaking of which, how many ways can you adapt the story of Jesus. Well Risen takes things in a far different direction. It focuses on the aftermath of the crucifixion from the perspective on the romans. One roman in particular, who searches for the body of Christ after his resurrection. As far as modern Bible pictures go, Risen comes very close to being great. The only thing holding it back is lasting recognition. Plus the actor they got to play Jesus is very different to the ones we’re used to. Still it’s worth watching if you want a different take on the story of Jesus. Or just want something christian to watch this Easter. He is Risen indeed.

Clavius (right) and Lucius (left) search for Jesus


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