E.T. Phone Home

What can I say about E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial that hasn’t been said already. It’s an absolute classic that holds up quite well today. It’s also the best interpretation of a good alien creature in a film. Some might have forgotten that it was nominated for Best Picture. In case you don’t, (but at this point, everyone should) E.T. is about an alien who gets left behind on Earth. While there he befriends a child named Elliot who helps him to “phone home”. It’s a Steven Spielberg film, so of course it’s good. One of his top 5 greatest films. Just about every scene and line is memorable. E.T. is an icon in his own right. You’ll really come to love him by the end. The music is awe inspiring, the acting is quite good for child actors, and the message is clear. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is just a terrific movie, not to be missed.

E.T. and Elliot fly across the moon


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