I Will Always Love You

The Bodyguard, also known as the 2 hour music video for “I Will Always Love You”. Most people would say that the soundtrack is more memorable than the movie itself. I would agree. Not that the movie doesn’t offer plenty. I wasn’t fully familiar with Whitney Huston. After she passed away, I decided it was time to watch The Bodyguard. So could see her first acting performance. She tries the best she could in this role, but doesn’t compare to her costar Kevin Costner. I did like the story though. It’s about a famous singer (not much of a stretch) who hires a bodyguard when it seems like her life is in danger. Soon the relationship between the singer and bodyguard blossoms into romance. I’ll definitely give the movie props for having an interracial couple and not making it a problem. In a whole, The Bodyguard is a mixed bag. If you want to know where that song that you can’t get out of your head comes from, then check it out.

The Bodyguard

Rachel Marron sings ” I Will Always Love You”

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