They’re Watching You

The Circle is a mixed bag of ideas that, in my opinion, could have been much better. I’m not the kind of guy who reads a book before seeing a movie, but I decided to that for this movie. Mostly because I wanted to go see the movie by myself. The Circle, written by Dave Eggers, is the story of a young woman named Mae who gets a position at the prestigious tech company “The Circle.” Where she boosts her social status and works out tech designs. I found the book to be rather interesting (although a bit of a downer). The book is so dense that I figured they’d cut a lot and change things around. Instead the movie manages to keep just about all the dialogue the same, but it does cut out some stuff that I felt was important. In the end, it makes for a very messy movie that probably shouldn’t have been made in the first place. Even with a star-studded cast that includes Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and John Boyega. It was also sadly Bill Paxton’s final performance. For me, I seeย The Circle as more of a collection of ideas that are more or less likely in the real world. Ideas like full time surveillance are just too much of a scary thought. If you do chose to watch The Circle, see it as a cautionary tale.


Mae (left) works her first day at The Circle

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