It’s the End of the World as We Know it

Armageddon is a Michael Bay movie.  So that means three things are mandatory. Explosions, eye candy, and all lose of logic. Armageddon definitely fills the bill. Does that make it a bad film? Well let’s look at the story. Armageddon is about armageddon (duh). More specifically, an asteroid hurtling towards Earth. The main characters are a bunch of oil drillers who get tapped to go into space and drill a hole into the asteroid so that they can detonate a bomb. This begs an obvious question of “wouldn’t it be easier to teach astronauts to be oil drillers than teach oil drillers to be astronauts.” It doesn’t make sense, but that’s not the point. The action and explosions are as loud as can be expected. Unlike most Michael Bay movies, Armageddon actually hits the mark with human emotion. The ending actually manages to be rather emotional. It’s still a dumb movie, but it is watchable.


Oil drillers turned astronauts

2 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World as We Know it

  1. Armageddon is a perfect drinking movie.
    Every time something cringeworthy happens, have a drink
    every time something that worked 5 seconds ago stops working, have a drink
    every time Steve Buschemi says something hilarious, have a drink.

    oh wait, don’t do this drinking game. you will die of alcohol poisoning.

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