Lilies of the Field is a very important movie. It’s another one of the movies that my mom recommended I watch. One that’s near and dear to her heart. Since she watched it frequently when she was younger. I’m glad I watched it, because it’s just wonderful. Lilies of the Field is about a black baptist named Homer Smith who agrees to help fix up a farm owned by a group of nuns. Specifically, to help build them a chapel. He also teaches them to speak English better. One of the most memorable scenes is of Homer teaching the nuns to sing the song “Amen.” At its core, Lilies of the Field shows us how people of two different faiths can work together to achieve a goal. I can relate, because I’ve been attending a baptist church for a few years now. It’s a simple movie with a sense of humor and holiness, that delivers quite an impact. Mainly for Sidney Poitier being the first black actor to win Best Actor. Sidney Poitier is one of my mom’s favorite actors. He always played a dignified well educated man who never let prejudice define the characters he performed. Lilies of the Field is certainly his most award worthy. I give Lilies of the Field a very strong recommendation. Amen.


Homer Smith (left) teaches the nuns how to speak English

One thought on “Amen!

  1. Hello Mastermixmovies,

    I like the extra details that you added to this post like: how you found out about this movie, some of your mom’s experiences with this movie, your thought about Sidney Poitier, et cetera.

    I have liked Sidney Poitier’s performances in the movies that I have seen him in so far and the movies as well, but I like A Patch Of Blue and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner better than this film; and I am surprised that he got the best actor award for this movie instead of either one of those.

    Thank you for sharing this post,
    -John Jr

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