Bay Bombing by the Beach

I put up with a lot when it comes to Michael Bay. But Pearl Harbor just goes too far. For one thing it’s 3 freaking hours long. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the story was any good. Pearl Harbor tries desperately to be the next Titanic. Both movies are set during a specific disaster in human history, both revolve around a fictional romance, and both are 3 hours long. Titanic made sense, because the sinking lasted a while and therefore could maintain an interesting story. Pearl Harbor on the other hand, has the dumbest forced love triangle ever. Plus the event itself only lasted about 11 minutes. What’s the point of a 3 hour movie!? Still, to his credit, Michael Bay knows how to make action look awesome. The attack itself is obviously the best part of the movie. Everything else is crap. I’d recommend only watching that sequence. Ignore the rest.


Attack on Pearl Harbor


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