Monkey Fighting Snakes on a Monday to Friday Plane

Snakes on a Plane is a B movie that works. Everything about it screams either B movie or Sci Fi Original Movie. With a title that’s bound to make anyone laugh. All they needed to do was cast Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role, and you got a cult classic. Snakes on a Plane is good, mostly because of hype. I remember back before it came out. Everybody was talking about Snakes on a Plane. Some people even a got tattoo of the movie’s logo, without even seeing the movie! In a way, the hype both helped and hurt the movie. Because of the hype, they added cheesy scenes like “the snake in the toilet”, “the mile high club”, or inserting Samuel L. Jackson’s catchphrase in the title. Despite things like that, Snakes on a Plane is trying to be taken seriously. It works, it really works.

Agent Neville Flynn studies a dead snake


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