Dude Looks like a Lady

Mrs. Doubtfire is my favorite (live action) Robin Williams movie. On the surface it looks like a silly premise. However, they handle it in the best possible way. Robin Williams is and always will be the only actor who can pull off this role. In case you’re unaware, Mrs. Doubtfire is about a recently divorced father who dresses up as a nanny to be closer to his children. All manner of hilariousness breaks loose. I enjoy disguise movies because there’s a lot of good comedy that comes with it. Mrs. Doubtfire is different. While it is very funny. It can also be rather dramatic at times. In fact, I think it’s probably one of the best depictions of divorce in any movie. Robin Williams knows how to balance comedy and drama. They did plan a sequel for the movie, but it was canceled after Robin Williams death. Mrs. Doubtfire is an excellent movie with or without a sequel. You can watch it a hundred times and never get tired of it.

Mrs. Doubtfire dances and cleans at the same time


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