Underwater Fun

The Abyss deserves just as much recognition as James Cameron’s other masterpieces. Just about every James Cameronism is represented. It’s got water, military, aliens, and strong female characters. As good as it is, I actually didn’t see the entire movie for a long time. I watched it from the famous “water face” scene to the end, but never the beginning. Mostly because The Abyss is well over 2 hours long. It starts off interesting and really starts to get good by the second act. I have a thing that I do with movies that take place primarily in water. Where I hold my breath in scenes when characters are underwater (it’s fun, you should try it). The Abyss has lots of “how did they film that scenes,” especially the drowning scene. As for the aliens, they look cool and the CGI is perfect. Water water everywhere and all the reason to watch.

The aliens communicate using water


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