Summertime Sadness

(500) Days of Summer is equal parts upbeat and heartbreak. It’s one of the more realistic depictions of romance in film. Telling the story of a man who thinks he’s met his soulmate. While they do have a lot in common, they don’t end up together. The brutally honest moral being, sometimes two people who are meant for each other don’t end up together. Now I’d like to consider myself to be generally optimistic. I love to ship people together, and I hate to see some characters not end up together. The clever thing about (500) Days of Summer is how it portrays the relationship. Like Annie Hall, it follows a non-linear narrative. One point he hates her, the next point he loves her. Luckily there’s a time card that keeps track of the day. While the movie can be a downer sometimes, it manages leaves things on a hopeful note. Seasons change all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tom (left) and Summer (right) talk for the first time


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