Spread a Little Happiness

Pay it Forward is the kind of movie that should be bad, but isn’t. Mostly because there are two oscar winners and a nominee starting in the movie. Without the excellent performances of Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and especially Haley Joel Osment. Pay it Forward would have been a sappy mess. The story focuses on a kid that comes up with the idea of paying it forward. He later becomes surprised by just how big it ends up getting. As a movie, Pay it Forward is mostly okay. Although the ending is a little forced and unrealistic. SPOILER ALERT! Haley Joel Osment’s character ends up dying immediately after giving an interview on how much his idea took off. I get what they’re going for there, but it seems unnecessarily sad. All in all, I would say that Pay it Forward isn’t great, but it is worth watching.


Trevor teaches everyone how to pay it forward

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