Wrong on So Many Levels

If a pervert was a movie, It would be Milk Money. It’s premise is so messed up that I can’t imagine how it was even made in the first place. Basically, Milk Money is about a group of wide eyed kids who want to pay a woman $100 in milk money just so she’ll take her clothes off for them. Don’t worry it gets worse. The hooker in question ends up getting into trouble and stays at one of the kids houses. Which leads to a romance between the boy’s father and the hooker. Movies like Pretty Woman have done the “hooker with a heart of gold” premise much better. Involving children is just wrong. Even worse when you’re trying to make it a family film. Still, call me crazy, but I didn’t totally hate the movie. Even bad movies like this can hold my attention until the end. Milk Money just shouldn’t have been made in the first place. Just take a health class instead.

Milk Money

Frank uses V to teach kids about reproduction

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