My Life On Screen

Today is my birthday. So I thought I’d review Boyhood, also known as the 12 year movie. 12 years because the movie intentionally took 12 years to film. Richard Linklater is a Director known for his overly ambitious movie projects. Boyhood starts in the year 2002 and ends in 2013. I can definitely relate to the movie. Ellar Coltrane, the titular boy, is only one year younger than me. I remember every event that took place over these 12 years. As well as my personal growing up experiences. Events including: 9/11, the Harry Potter book release, the 2008 presidential election and the use of Dragon Ball Z, High School Musical, old computers, and iPods. The weird thing is that I, like the protagonist, also end up as a photographer. Still, our differences outweigh the similarities. I didn’t grow up with a single mother, I didn’t have multiple girlfriends, and I didn’t go to college right away. Aside from things like that, Boyhood is like watching my life on screen. I found the movie very interesting, if not sometimes uncomfortable to watch. Sure the most interesting thing about it is that it was filmed every year for 12 years. But it still manages to bring out great performances from the actors. Like Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette (who won an Oscar for playing a mom). My only real complaint would be the star Ellar Coltrane’s performance, but he’s a child actor, so that’s ok. I’d recommend Boyhood to anyone who wants to see the startling transformation of the actors, as they age right before your eyes.


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