Grandma Girlfriend

Harold and Maude is a… “unique” love story. Harold is a young man obsessed with death. Maude is an old woman obsessed with life. In a way, they make the perfect couple. Harold and Maude is one of those movies that I was hesitant about before I watched it. The whole idea of a romance between a young man and a woman old enough to be his grandmother is kinda sick. But it’s handled so well that I can’t help but enjoy it. Harold and Maude is a dark comedy. In fact, it’s probably one of the first movies to depict suicide in a lighthearted manner. Maude is such a likeable person that it makes the eventual romance feel all the more authentic. So set aside your sense of norm and give it a watch. It just might surprise you.

Harold (right) and his girlfriend Maude (left)

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