Leeloo Dallas Multi Pass

The Fifth Element is one of the more bizarre sci-fi films that I’ve seen. I couldn’t quite figure out if I liked it or not. It’s enjoyably over-the-top. Though I don’t know if I’d label it a comedy. The Fifth Element is the most internationally well known movie directed by Luc Besson. A director known for high concept sci-fi and badass female leads. The Fifth Element is basically about an impending apocalypse. A woman named Leeloo is the titular fifth element (after water, earth, fire, and air). She was created to be perfect and to keep the element safe. A cab driver named Korban Dallas must insure that she fulfills her destiny to save the world. Leeloo is best recognized by her orange hair, half naked bandaged clothes, and divine language. She was designed to be perfect, which is why she’s played by Milla Jovovich. Meanwhile Bruce Willis plays the hero. Gary Oldman also plays the weird southern weapon selling villain. As a science fiction film, The Fifth Element is pretty inventive. The visual effects are impressive for the time and its vision of the future is all its own. With things like alien space operas or cleavage baring McDonald’s workers and flight attendants. I guess my only complaint would be the character Ruby Rhod. Chris Tucker gives one of his most ear piercing performances to date. Which is worse considering he’s made a main character in the third act. Aside from that, The Fifth Element is a fine distraction from the norm of big sci-fi franchises.


Leeloo makes a leap of faith

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