Leeloo Dallas Multi Pass

The Fifth Element is one of the more bizarre sci fi films that I’ve seen. I couldn’t quite figure out if I liked it or not. It’s got a bit of a whacky over the top style that makes it enjoyable. Though I don’t know if I’d label it as a comedy. The Fifth Element is basically about an impending apocalypse. A woman named Leeloo is the titular fifth element (after water, earth, fire, and air). The cab driver named Korban Dallas must insure that she fulfills her destiny. As a science fiction film, The Fifth Element is pretty inventive. The visual effects are impressive for the time and its vision of the future is all its own. I guess my only complaint would be the character Ruby Rhod. Chris Tucker gives one of his most ear piercing performances to date. Aside from that, The Fifth Element is a fine distraction from the norm of big sci fi franchises.

Leeloo makes a leap of faith


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