Not So Sweet 16

Sixteen Candles is another one of my favorite John Hughes movies. The simple premise is, a girl’s family f***ing forgets her birthday. Which is a big deal, because it’s her 16th birthday. She’s not that popular, the guy of her dreams doesn’t notice her, and her sister gets more attention than she does. What makes the movie so great is the way John Hughes tells the story. It’s funny, but also relatable. Molly Ringwald proves why she’s the face for teenages in the 80’s, in a performance that would go on to define her career. Anthony Michael Hall also defines his career by playing the archetypal nerd for the first time. The biggest laughs however, come from the stereotypical character Long Duk Dong (gong noise). The takeaway from Sixteen Candles is that “wishes can come true.” It is your birthday after all, and Sixteen Candles is the perfect present.

Jake (right) celebrates Sam’s (left) birthday

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